Monday, July 16, 2012

Model Sheet Monday: Goofy in the 1950's

As a new feature on Amazing Cosmic Powers, every Monday we'll be posting a different model sheet featuring some of your favorite characters. For those not in the know,  a model sheet, or character study, is used to help standardize the appearance, gestures, and poses of a character in Animation.

In the 1950's, Disney's iconic character Goofy went through some pretty major design changes. Often referred to as George Geef in that decade, Goofy was made into a family man. He was given a son named Junior and a wife, but you only saw her occasional hands and feet. His over-all facial structure was altered to include a widows peak hair-line, two separate eyes (as opposed to his classic un- separated eyes in the shape of an "m") with eye-brows, and his famous buck teeth had been pushed to the middle. A variation of this model was used for Goof Troop in the early nineties.

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