Monday, September 3, 2012

Model Sheet Monday: Babs Bunny

If you were a child in the early 90's you no doubt remember Steven Spielberg Presents: Tiny Toon Adventures. The show starred Babs and Buster Bunny. Buster was a tiny version of Bugs while Babs was her own creation...until a couple years later when Lola Bunny was created for Space Jam. So all though its not official, Babs seems to be the inspiration for her adult counterpart, unlike all the other characters in the show. So anyway, here's some Babs Bunny.

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  1. I think Babs Bunny wasn't their 'own' creation, she was rather based on Honey Bunny, Bugs Bunny's giflriend, updated to Lola Bunny for 'Space Jam'. There's a website where you'll find a complete biography of her and some comic stories