Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Launch

Anyone that knows me knows I'm all about the art. In particular the art of Animation and the world of graphic arts(comics). So I decided to start this blog to showcase all the things I think are cool and that I believe you should also think are cool ;) So, here we go...

I love DC much so that I've gotten two tattoos to show it. Coming very soon is the new DC comics relaunch, 52 #1's meant to bring the company back to basics and hopefully start a new fanbase to propell them into the #1 spot ahead of Marvel. Im a bit skeptical of the whole situation, but I admit they do make it look pretty cool especially when the amazing artwork of Jim Lee is involved. Check out this great commercial DC created for the relaunch.

Well thats all for now. Until next time.
-Brian James Fichtner

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